Ease of Use

The Dutch Runabout 22 is 'plug and play'. The light cover, is easy to apply and remove and to store under the foredeck. The cockpit is self-draining and because of the 100% waterproof upholstery, she can easily stand a bit of rain.

We set high standards for comfort. The cushions are 8 cm. thick and made of artificial leather. The construction with plastic panels ensures that the cushions have a long life-span and remain securely in place. The back rests are high enough to sit comfortably for long periods.

The great advantage of the outboard motor is that it can be electrically tilted up thereby pushing the hood open. Because the engine is then completely out of the water, the boat has hardly any draft and can be sailed onto a beach. When the Dutch Runabout is moored the cockpit cover fits exactly over the open hood and the engine.

Because of the total weight of only 670 kg. (including 60 HP engine) the Dutch Runabout 22 can be towed behind a modest seize car.