Made in Holland

During the design and construction of the Dutch Runabout 22, quality and reliability were most important. The Dutch Runabout 22 is designed by the renowned yacht designer Peter Bosgraaf. The plugs, which serve as the basis for the molds are 3D machined at ProMorfo in Heerenveen. The production of the molds and boats is in the hands of Shipyard Breehorn in Woudsend, that alongside seagoing yachts, has extensive experience with series production of polyester boats as the Falcon and Fox.

The Dutch Runabout is constructed from polyester, wherein the outer layers at the bottom are made of ISO-NPG polyester. A method used for 30 years by Shipyard Breehorn that excludes osmosis problems.

By making use of a sandwich construction method using foam, the Dutch Runabout 22 is light and strong and with a watertight compartment under the cockpit floor, she's unsinkable.